Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taco Thursday

Yep, I think it’s gonna be a tacos for this Thursday night…not sure what else but that’s a good start. I love, love tacos..pretty much any Mexican food. Wish I could find some good tamales or maybe I need to learn how to make them myself. Because they are hard to find they always seems too dry and just crumble when you hit em with a fork. We have bought some frozen ones and the good ones we never see, to be able to find again. Or they are just a little pricy in my book…So, maybe one day I will take the plunge and figure out how to make them myself.

We received sad news from several friends this week..some say things come in 3’s. Well, they did this week from a friend of mine having her first grandchild be born with problems, another friend loosing yet another family member to cancer. I never met this cousin of hers but he was a fighter to the end and if he’s anything like my friend then he was one terrific person. My DH’s co-worker f-n-l was found dead by another family member. He was 80 something still lived alone and he lived a full life but it was still unexpected. My prayers go out to all these families.

I have an internet friend that another friend and me have been “arguing” with about winter and spring. She is a winter lover..we both are SPRINGY kind of gals..So, on our little forum (Nana’s at the right) we have been telling her about Spring coming for about a month. Now, that it is just a little over a week away I think it’s time to really pour it on..So, yesterday I posted another picture of my dafs..can you believe she had nerve to tell me that the one I posted earlier this week were from last year??? It’s all in good fun of course and she can give it as easy as she takes it. That is what makes it so much fun. So, I am going to show a few more pictures I took this week. And dedicate them to her..she knows who she is…





A few cards to share..

I have been “peeking” in at this wonderful card site ..
for a few weeks now but didn’t take the plunge to try one of the challenges..but I thought this one was a perfect one to start with…I liked how it came out..

Using sketch #7 here is my card..


Yellow cardstock is BoBunny
White is- Paper Studio
Cupcake is – Cricut –Cart- Doodlecharms
Scallops is- Nestabilties
Stamp- Inkadoos
Glitter glue is unknown

And here here my latest DT card for:

Go there to see what supplies I used...


I have a couple of more cards to post but I have to wait till next week to do so..

I want to thank everyone that has commented on my blog recently. I have a couple of new followers..which I think might just help me want to blog more..when I know someone is taking the time to log on here then they should be able to read something from me more than what I have been doing . Maybe…just maybe I am finally getting this blog thing..

Not sure if I will be till after the weekend so if not then I hope you have a great one.

Hugs to all!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Rambling...

So, did you find a time to get that extra hour of sleep that we were to loose because we had to turn our clocks ahead over the weekend. We may have lost a hour of the weekend but I don’t think we lost a hour of sleep at our house..we actually went to bed earlier than normal last night. I love the fact that we have an extra hour of day light now in the evenings…

Are there signs of Spring where you are??? With our warm weather last week we have flowers blooming all over, the pear trees are loaded with flowers, and I swear some of the trees are turning green..sad part is that it’s going to turn cold again this week. Just hope that it doesn’t freeze enough to kill things.

Here’s a photo of some Spring in my yard with my cat Slim walking into the picture…followed by one of him in a box…silly kitty..


Okay, I was at Wal-Mart last weekend when I saw this awesome turtle for the yard. It was love at first site. But, I held back..didn’t buy it..but then later in the week I came to face to face with it again..okay, not the same turtle because I was in a different Wal-Mart but the love was still there…still held off..and then this weekend I couldn’t stand it any longer and in my cart it went.. It is huge! So, the 2nd picture shows just how big it is…


We were out and about this weekend..driving down the highway when all of a sudden this wonderful aroma came flooding through the car…It was just wonderful and sure sign of Spring being in the air. No it wasn’t all the beautiful daffodils blooming along the roadside but the smell of freshly and I do mean freshly plowed soil! So, fresh the farmer was plowing the ground as we drove by. I love the reminds me of planting the veggie garden in my bare Mom was a believer in if the ground was warm enough for you to be barefoot in the garden then it was time to plant..if not then hold off…I’m sure it came from one of grandparetns and probably theirs before that.

Seeing a farmer plow, disk , plant and harvesting always makes me wonder what they are thinking while doing so. I can’t imagine going to a great big field and seeing all that ground that you need to cover in the days or weeks ahead. It must be a great feel of accomplishment when one of the task are done. They must love what they do so to come back year after year. I’m sure most wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Oh, I need to show you some cards that I have made recently for

Also please check out our online crop tomorrow…

A couple are from last month..I never made it here to post them..but wanted to share them anyway..and here is the latest which should be posted on Lets Scrap DesignTeam Blog…



If you would like a chance to win some cool things please visit the blogs at the upper right here on my blog (if I figured out how to post them there anyway)...tell them I sent you too..

Well, I think that is enough of my ramblings for one time..thanks for stopping by and come back soon..