Friday, June 12, 2009

Woohoo it's Friday!

Even though I don’t work anywhere now I still look forward to the weekends..spending time with my hubby….No plans this weekend..depends on the weather…There is rain in the forecast so we’ll see..would like to go fishing but don’t know if that will happen. We have had thunderstorms this morning. We missed the worse of it I guess, no hail or bad winds like some areas had..we did get a little over a half inch of rain..added to what we got earlier in the week brings us up to about 3 inches for the week. After all the rain we received last month we hadn’t had any to speak of in June so it was much needed. Keeps me from having to water my “patio” garden..It’s about 15-20 degrees cooler than it has been at this time of day all the low 70’s are a welcome..I know it won’t last..although it would be okay with me if it did for the rest of the day.

Well..we are still no closer to getting into the house as we were in my last post..they keep telling us 30-60 they finally have said that it will probably be the end of August..not acceptable…my brilliant hubby wrote all those involoved that we had e-mails for a letter yesterday..thanking those that have worked so hard for us and shaming those that haven’t…not naming any names…funny…he received responses from those that knew they were being thanked and nothing from those that he shamed..again…he didn’t name any names. He also gave them to the first of July to give us a then it will be 6 months since we signed papers starting this nightmare…although at the time we were so happy…I don’t know if I can go through even making an offer on another house..this was just so all uncalled for..if you don’t have a clear title then don’t put the house up for sale..and if you are the bank that now owns it then you should know my hubby said “shame on you”…okay..enough venting!

Last month we did get away for almost a week..we really needed to get away and it was great. We took the travel trailer to our favorite spot in Missouri..we just love it there and I tell ya it was soooo hard to leave…we had brilliant weather..after having rain for weeks we finally had a break from it and it was wonderful. We just relaxed..did allot of walking..since we took the dogs we had to take them for walks..I’m sure they were happy to be home so we wouldn’t be putting the leash on them everytime they wanted to go out. But, they are so good and it’s nice to have them along on the trip. We went down into Eureka Spings, AR one day and did more walking..But, guess I needed it since we stopped off at the fudge shop’s so addictive..we’re sooo ready to go again! I'm not having any luck with downloading pictures today so I will try and figure out what I am doing wrong and post some another day..

Did want to send you to a link to a blog I came across today...I love her cards..and she is giving away some wonderful stuff today too..hopefully if you are interested then you will have a chance to go there and play along..and if not then just go and have a look at her work....'s trying clear off and it's warming up so I think I will try and get some housework finished up before it heats up..hope everyone has a great weekend...