Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. But, I am looking forward to sitting down with dinner with my family. We’ll be traveling the 70 miles or so to my sisters house. There will be 6 kids and 10 adults so 16 total. A nice little crowd. Then on Saturday we’ll be traveling again this time about 50 miles to my dh’s brothers house. Not sure how many will be there but if everyone comes there should be around the same amount. There we’re not having the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I think the meat is suppose to be smoked brisket (that may have changed) and not sure about anything else but the potato salad that I am taking. Doesn’t really matter, all that matters is being with those we love.

I only made one card this year for Thanksgiving. It got here before I knew it! And I hope to get in some time this weekend to start my Christmas crafts. Something I should have started already of course. I want to make a few small gifts for friends and I need to get those made so I can get them in the mail soon. But, anyway here is the card I made!


I got the stamped image in a swap last year so I don’t know what it is. The paper is from Hobby Lobby, cardstock is DCWV and Bazzill.

Lets not forget to give thanks and remember our TROOPS along with their family and friends that give up so much for us.

American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday,
to God we give our thanks.
Thanks for founding fathers;
gave us our right to speak.
Thanks for all the blessings;
free travel and assembly.
Thanks to God for America;
free religious liberty.
Thanks for all our families;
of friendship, blood or faith.
Thanks for food that’s plentiful;
we hunger not, nor thirst.
Then again to God our thanks;
Christ’s death washed our sin.

by Roger W Hancock

Again I want to wish everyone a Happy (and yummy) Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Can ya smell it??? Autumn that is! Normally when I talk about this season I refer to it as “fall” but somehow when you are talking about how beautiful it is or how wonderful it smells “Autumn” seems like a better name for it. Don’t you just love the smell of “Autumn”? Can’t describe it…maybe a bit sweet?…spicy?…not really sure. Just know that it’s one of those “smells” (like lilacs in the Spring) that no matter how they try they just can’t reproduce the real thing.

Still can’t believe its November, maybe oh, I don’t know August? September? But November??? We’re still having “Indian Summer” here and I am loving every moment of it…I think we’re suppose to even have a thunderstorm in the next day or two. The rain will be nice to settle all the dust on my country roads…

Halloween is over, the election (almost!), next will be Veteran’s Day next Tuesday so don’t forget to thank a Veteran and keep the men, women and their families that are serving in the military now in your thoughts and prayers..then next will be Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays..oh, I love turkey and dressing…yum, yum…My fil was not only a Veteran of 20 years in the Navy serving during the Korean and Vietnam wars he was also born on Thanksgiving. This year Thanksgiving is on November 27th and his birthday. He’s passed away now but we can’t have either day in our house without thinking of him a little more. He was a wonderful man and I am thankful for having known him and also for having married one of his wonderful (the best) 5 sons.

Oh! Speaking of Halloween and my dh....well, I mentioned that he loves to scare the neighbor boy on Halloween??? But, had been so busy and not feeling good and didn’t know if he would be able to come with anything to scare him? Well, he just didn’t think of anything nor have the time. But! Since he had been warning him for over a month that he should be prepared to be scared so, when he came to the door with is little brother and parents he was sort held back…not knowing what to expect. His Mom said he was waiting for dh to jump out from behind or under something and that he didn’t eat very much supper because his stomach was in knots not knowing what to expect…it couldn’t of been better. Then when he was leaving we kept asking him if he was going straight home? What time was he going to be home then? Of course by now his Mom was warning us that we were going to have him for the night if he didn’t sleep…It couldn’t have worked out better.

Thanks for coming and I am going to leave you with some “Autumn” color.