Monday, May 6, 2013

Snow In May? And a Mother's Day Card

I think we are finally going to have Spring...but...I'm not sure...we actually had snow last week!  Although it really wasn't much and with the rain we had also it didn't stick...but...there were little patches of snow here and there the next morning...which means it was cold! Earlier in the week it was 80's near 90...and then in the lower 40's...brrrr....after a rainy Saturday and cloudy Sunday we have sunshine this Monday afternoon and we are in the mid 60's....which is still rather cool for is suppose to be warmer tomorrow and the rest of the week.  So, something to look forward to....

A few weeks ago I did a challenge which was to make a Mother's Day card...rather early but, I thought it was a great idea so I could get a card made for my Mother-N-Law and not being doing it at the last minute...especially so since I have to mail it !

 I have to admit this is probably one of my favorite cards I have made...I love eyelet, I love dotted swiss, I love differant shades of purple, and of course flowers and pearls...I don't normally make "square" cards mostly because it's hard to find envelopes to mail them in unless you buy them pre-packaged...this one I had to "borrow" from one of those pre-packaged ones that happen to have a "frame" in the middle of it so it wouldn't work...I found the insperation for this card off from Pinterest which led me to this blog here .  It's in my plans to make some birthday cards in differant colors...sometime in the near future!

My next card  is one I did for a the ABC card swap...this is for the letter "E" we were to emboss on our could be either I did both...we did these back a few months so I must have been wanting some sunny days as this card is quite bright!  

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Whip-poor- Willie, an Owl and a Throwback Card

One of the wonderful things about living in the woods is listening to the Whip-poor-will sing…They sing at night through early morning before sunrise or at least the one we that serenades us here does. Although we have yet to see him…each spring we hear his call…someone told me that they do their singing before it rains… sometimes he is close by and other times you just hear him in a distance…sometimes there are two of them…we have named “ours” Willie… Here is a link about Whip-poor-wills info and if you haven’t heard one before here is a you tube link call.

I recently did a challenge on one my facebook crafty groups…the challenge was to do a card with an owl….okay…I had planned to do a card too but time just got away from me so I only did the wall hanging…so, I didn't qualify for a chance for the prze...but, I really wanted to make this hanging for our group leader…she is always doing challenges and offering a prize for the winner…she had a twist on this one as she was offering not one but two prizes and the twist was that if your “card” was picked as one of the winners then you were to send it to her so she could frame them and hang them on her wall. I knew I had at least one owl on one of my Cricut Cartridges…I didn’t realize I had several! But, this is the one I chose to’s off the Cindy Loo cart which I seem to use quite a bit. I had wanted to use different papers but of course I couldn’t find it in my mass of papers. But, while looking I found the blue paper and decided to go with it…glad I did because I love how it came out….I cut it on nine inches…I started off with the back shadow also being brown with another behind it the same size as I wanted it to be a bit heaver…but, didn’t like the brown on brown so I decided to use another blue as the shadow right on top of the brown so it is quite sturdy now plus, it just gave it that extra punch I think it needed….I added eyelets at the top and ribbon to hang it up with.

I have posted about a blog I follow where Clare the blogger has a Throwback Tuesday post where she shows a card from the past….maybe one she had posted before or never had a chance to post. Telling us what she would change about it if she was making it now….she does this each Tuesday while offering a chance to win a box of goodies as well at the end of each month if we leave a link to an old blog post of ours or a card that has been sitting around…here is mine for this month…it's one I did in October 2011.

I think if was doing this card again I would ink around the edges to give it some pop!  I would also add some tiny pearls to the butterflies and I would put the "be happy" on a banner of some type.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Where Oh Where Are You?

Is it Spring where you are yet?  It's trying to be here but hasn't quite made it...last weekend was cold, rainy, snowy, gloomy....only a dusting of snow...probably more bu,t it only stuck to the grass and didn't stay's been trying to warm up since..finally made it into the 60's today which is our normal...but, also normal is the wind...stay changes daily.

Since my last post I have had  a terrible cold and sinus infection...including a cough...that took a good 2 weeks to get rid of...mostly...and it's been sinus, allergies and an ear infection since.  So, I got a bit behind on some things...had to catch up with the house just day to day things..then my hubby had to work 3 -12 hr night shifts this those always put me behind on the cleaning...but, hopefully those are over for this week...Friday is a holiday so that means a 3 day weekend...3 days of no alarm clock!  But, it did give me some extra hours to get crafty....So, I will share a couple of cards I made this week first.

My first card is for a challenge which was to use embossing folders...which I seem to collect but not use much this was a great challenge for me to put some of them to work...This is the dotted Swiss folder which was probably one of my first and still probably one of my favorites...I had pinned this card on Pinterest and  really wanted to make it.  So I decided to take it a step further with the embossing.  I substituted a heart for the butterfly since it's Spring I thought it would be perfect.  I also love butterflies so this gave an excuse to use one on a card.

You will find the link to the original post  here.

Now the 2nd one is for a challenge which was to use pastel colors...we were also to use watercolors or the effect of to make you think of Easter an extra challenge...not required...I tried to use the's been awhile since I used mine so I thought this would give me an excuse to do that...I just wasn't doing it for me..of course some of that may have been because I was trying to do it at 1:30 in the morning!  So, I scrapped that idea and went to bed...and did this card the next day.  Since I had done the 1st card using an embossing folder I decided to do that with this one also with the 1st card I got this idea from a card I had pinned...altho the pinned card had been done with different printed papers I decided to use solids on mine so I could get in all the, the embossing folder gave it some texture. I want to use this LO for another card using printed papers from my endless supply of scraps. 

You will find the original post here.

I have to share one of my crafty helpers...One my sweet boys TK (aka Thunder Kitty) taking a nap. Most of the time he's more into it than this but he found a nice (although I would think very uncomfortable) quiet place to help.  He's such a sweetie! 

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Birthday and Drinks...

My mother-n-law's birthday was on the 10th so I made this card for her...I normally don't add this much to a card when I need to mail it...but, I saw a card like this one on Pinterest and just thought it was beautiful and had to give it a try.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Click here for the original post...

I can now also share the latest card I made for the A-Z swap I did on one my craft groups...We are at the letter "D" and the theme was many possibilities!  I thought about coffee or tea....maybe a martini...also lemon-aid...but in the end since we were doing this in the winter a couple of steaming cups of hot cocoa with some yummy marshmallows on top won out....which also could be used as a Valentine theme as well...It's actually larger than I normally make at about 5x 6 1/2. 

Our next A-Z card will be the letter "E" and we are going to do a technique instead of a theme and it's embossing....wet or dry....I think I know what I am going to do....just hope they come out as imagined....most don't....

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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hope it's a loved filled day for you and your loved ones....when I think of Valentine's day several memories pop up in my head...those paper sacks (usually white ones) that we decorated back in grade school....hanging them off our desk and then everyone would go around putting those oh so cute cards inside...another memory is when I worked on an assembly line where the room was mostly rows of tables where we did our work....way back over 30 yrs was mostly the end of the day I think there were more flowers in that room than at the florist. Another year my sweet hubby was somewhere on a Navy ship on some ocean in the world.  Not for sure if he was my hubby just yet....but I remember the roses he sent me in the mail!  They were the prettiest pink!  What a surprise that was as it was something new to this country girl...another year we were going to go out to eat but had to wait for the florists to deliver my flowers....and wait...and wait...and time being told they were on their way...another that they were sending out a new bouquet....when finally the 1st one showed up....we must have been on the route back to the shop. Another year when we were eating the woman behind us was constantly on her cell phone....neglecting the man she was wonder we now just stay home...make a special (but easy) meal and just relax for the evening.  Some years my hubby surprises me with something some years he doesn't....that's okay...he shows me he loves me everyday...and that's what counts.

I waited to the last minute to make my Valentine cards this year...I was making them just this past Monday to get in the mail on Tuesday.  I mostly just want to make them for my 5  great/grand nieces and 1 nephew.  So, since I had to do something fast it needed to be simple.  I remembered on one of my facebook group there was a challenge to do a card we had pinned from Pinterest.  So, I went through all those pinned cards (luckily I have one just for Valentine's) and came up with this one.  I did the blue one for my nephew...not so sure I would call it a "boy" card but it had to do.  I did put together 13 cards I think (sent some to other relatives and friends) in the end...Simple....but I like how they came out...I think a butterfly on this would be cute too instead of the hearts....

I wanted to do another challenge from group...we were to use hearts and this card sketch from:  so.... I whipped this one this morning....using Echo Park for the printed papers everything else is from my scraps....I like this sketch very much so I think I will use it again...maybe with a butterfly (I love butterflies!) on this one too or just an stamped image instead of the hearts....or maybe both!

That's all I have to share today!  Again Happy Valentine's Day....hope your spending it with the one you love...

Till next time...

Hugs and Smiles


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's That Time Of Year

When my hubby goes on his annual fishing trip with some of his co-workers...they have been doing this close to if not 20 yrs now. They are only gone a couple of days and nights and I always like to have this time to catch up on some things. I always have all these plans of things I want to do...and I couldn't possibly get them all done in 2 days! Anyway...he left on Sunday morning and here it is Tuesday afternoon and he's already load of laundry in and another one waiting....and what I did I accomplish while he was away...Not as much as I had planned...I did get some house cleaning wood floors are all nice a shiny...I did get some shows I had on the DVR watched....and I did get my Valentine cards done and in the mail....and I did get a card made for a friend's Gma who is battling cancer made and in the mail....and that is about it....I didn't get my closet cleaned out....I didn't get the utility room organized like I wanted to....I didn't get my craft room mess cleaned up either...I didn't go shopping....etc...I did do a bit of catching up on a couple of my favorite blogs....and one those is Miss Clare's at: She is having a simple challenge this post a throwback card...which is an older card that you had made...she is giving away a box of goodies at the end of the month if you take her up on her challenge so this is what I am doing with this card. I just went into my picture file on the computer clicked on some dates and this is the first one I came up with. Clare is posting one of her throwback cards each Tuesday and commenting on what she would change now. So, I will do the same.

I made this card way back in June 2011....With Echo Park papers and embellshiments...the flower I made...was easy peasy...just hand cut circles of pink felt in differant sizes...adhired together with a some bling in the middle...But, I think if I was going to change it I would also cut some leaves to add to the flower as well as maybe adding some  lacy trim somewhere...maybe at the top and bottom where the pink strips are.  Maybe not...maybe just the leaves....What do you think?

The other card I made was for a friend I met on one of my facebook crafty groups.  I thought I would make and send her Gma a card who is battling cancer.  She likes flowers so I thought I would use some 3-D stickers I had bought awhile back because I just thought they were too pretty to pass up...the design is simple...and the sentiment I did on the computer....

I am still trying to do my challenges that I sit for myself this year...a bit behind on posting here but I plan to catch up this week.  So far, I am doing at least one card a week...some of those are from cards I have been pinning from Pinterest...still need to work on those other "pinned projects".....

Some good news to friend that was going through the major health issues is doing better although she had another set back...bounced back from that ...we were able to get out and about about a week and half ago have lunch and go into a couple of stores... and she was able to return to work this week. So, am sooooo grateful for that.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


I missed posting last week...but I did get a card was for a challenge on one my my facebook groups.  It was to use problem right?  Since I love ribbon and use it on allot of my cards.  But....there was a catch it was suppose to be something we hadn't used or tried in the last 3 I had been wanting to make a flower using ribbon.  Decided this was the time do, it was another thing that I had  "pinned" that took care of another "personal" challenge for me....

That was last weeks card...and this week I did another challenge which was to make a non tradtional Valentine....I also got the inpseration for this card on another pin...I stayed away from the trational red, pink, white Valentine colors and used craft along with some black and aqua....I also stayed away from the tradtional heart as the main focal point with the old timey sewing machine but had to add a heart (what's a Valentine without a heart?) somewhere so I added it with the ribbon.

One last card(s) to share...The A-Z swap I am on is up to letter D for this month but last months was "C" for chicken...which was right up my alley for sure...the only thing is I have so many stamps, images etc...that I wanted to use...I finally decided to use a cricut die cut...the local scrapbook store I go to had some card kits awhile back using die cuts of differant farm animals.  I had been wanting to try my hand at them for awhile so I decided to try my version with this swap.  So simple....I had to do 8 and since it was in December I was running low on red ribbon and so I had to use up several types of red ribbon I had on hand...I like how they turned out.  Plan to make more with differant "farm" animals.  But, I think I will add another layer...maybe even use an embossing folder for the back ground...

That's it for today!  Thanks for visiting my blog...please try back again soon....I am trying to "blog" more.  Maybe sometime in the near future offer up some blog candy....I have a reason for it...just need to get some "candy" together to offer! 

Hugs T

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Card A Week Challenge #1 and # 2

Hope this is finds you having a wonderful week so far. It’s been okay here…not great…I have a friend who is going through some major health issues now and am worried about her. I feel helpless in knowing what to do for her except be there and keep her in my prayers.

It’s a cloudy gloomy kind of winter day here. We had a little rain last night and we hopefully will get more this evening. Since it’s in the 50’s and the overnight low was in the 40’s it’s rain and not snow. So, since we need the rain badly I am not complaining about it. Even if it brings gloomy cloudy days…a good excuse to stay indoors and get some crafting done.

We are in our 2nd week of the New Year and one of my challenges to myself for the New Year is to make at least one card a week. That doesn’t mean 52 cards at the end of the year…which would equal out to one a week but actually one a week. Hopefully, I will make far more than 52 cards this year.

For week one of “my challenge” is a couple of cards (yes a couple) I made from kits that the scrapbook store (you can find her on facebook...Simply Scrapbooks in Claremore, OK)   I go to put together. I actually put together about 5 kits the other night but will only post this one or two….Can you tell what I did different with the card on the left? I thought this was a really cute card and one I will use as inspiration for another. I need to find out who made that stamp because I think it is really cute.

The 2nd card I made this afternoon for a challenge on one of the closed craft groups I belong to on facebook. We were to use scraps…sounds easy enough….but, everything we used we had to of had for at least 3 months. So, I went into my scrap bag and pulled a few sheets out….and came up with this. I actually used another card kit from the scrapbook store for inspiration. I don’t know if I really like the white back ground though. But, I couldn’t figure out what other color to use.

Now, another challenge I have made myself for this year is to start doing some of those projects from Pinterest that I have been pinning for months now. Whether it’s a paper craft , sewing, gardening or something else I am going to do at least one of them a month. Hopefully, more…I am saying one a month because some will take some time….I have another facebook craft group that has challenged us this month to do an altered project from a pin we have pinned on Pinterest. So, that came at a great time! Now, to just figure out which one to start on!

Until next time



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Some Recent Projects

It's hard to believe that it's another new year...but, it is...I hope you have a healthy, happy and creative new year...I don't make resolutions really but I have given myself challenges for the year...To begin with I hope to be more creative this year than I was last. Some things I plan to be more creative with are to make at least one card a week...that doesn't sound too hard to do does it?  But, that means one card a week...not three this week and nothing for another three weeks...I want to make one card a week.  For a real challenge I should say more than that but I will leave it at one for the moment....So, if I make one card a week then I should blog once a week too...right?  We will see....

I don't have a card for you to see today but I will share a couple of Christmas gifts I made for my friend Gaye.  I "met" Gaye online on a craft group forum...we have kept in touch from one group to another.  Now, we are on at least one craft group on facebook.  So, we have done "swaps" before.  From Secret Sister to just one on one swap.  This year we decided to do a Not So Secret Sister swap on our own.  We decided to make a few things and buy (or find in our multi-crafty stash) a few things.  I loved making the altered tile a few months ago so I decided to do another one but this time make it an 8x8 tile instead.

I started off by cutting the bottom layer to ft the tile.  Then I added some paint around the edges to give it a little more color.  The cowboy boots were on the paper but I decided to cut another pair from an extra piece of paper to add a little depth on that corner.   The "G" was cut with my Cricut cart. Country Life and the boots from Wild West.

I also did her a altered 5 x5  paper meche' box that I had waiting for me to do something with it.  So, this is what I came up with...I like how it came out except for the inside and I think I can do better....

We have decided to make this an annual event.  We don't just stick to paper crafts but crafts in general.  We also both like to browse the 2nd hand stores, flea markets or just plain junk stores for those inexpensive little things.  So, this year we will have the other one in mind when we are our "shopping".

I'll end with an ornament that I made for a different online crafty friend.  We both missed out on joining a Christmas ornament swap on a craft group so we decided we would just do one on our own.  I had been wanting to do one like this from "pinning" it on Pinterest so I decided this was a perfect time to accomplish that.  I loved how it came out so much I made my sister one and myself...

That's my first post of the year!  It is the 6th of January and I haven't made that 1st card of the year yet so I think I will go do that now...

Again I hope y'all have a happy, healthy and creative new year!


Friday, November 23, 2012

A Craft Room Tease....

It's the day after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful day spent with family and friends. I know my hubby and I had a nice day. Went to my sister's where there was plenty of awesome, yummy, wonderful food to stuff ourselves with then complain all the way on the drive home
Today, no shopping for me...I did pay for a stamp set I got on eBay but that is about as far as my shopping went. I spent the day cooking breakfast, cleaning up, deciding to make a pot of chili and homemade bread for supper...although it ended up being lunch with cornbread. Then, cleaning again...I think it will be chili for supper too...Yesterday was mid 70's and I think it had to struggle to get to 50 today. A good day to do some cooking since I didn't have to yesterday and a pot of chili sounded perfect for the cooler weather. I also made Frosted Peanut Butter Bars for dessert....Yummy...
I still don’t have my craft room like I want it but it is getting there….I thought I would just give a little teaser today…and show you one wall…I will also show you the before look. Not quite the whole wall as in the now photo but…maybe I will show all the before photos before I show all the after photos’ If I ever get there!

This is the same wall...which use to be a whole wall of cubes and shelves. The cubes are on the opposite wall the shelves are now on the floor where the tables were.  I will show another wall next time I post.

Hope everyone is enjoying a long blessed weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone in America a Happy Thanksgiving...I am a day early but better than a day late...I figure by this time tomorrow we will all be moaning and complaining because we had too much to eat...but, tell ourselves...just a piece of pie for the road or before we put it away. 

It's been super nice weather here for November!  In the mid 70's again....It could stay like this for quite awhile...but, it won't...cooler days are in the forecast I think.  I think a chance of rain this evening but I don't think it's a huge chance...again....

Not allot to share...I am still busy trying to re-arange my craft room...I think I have all of that's just putting it back together. I am trying to throw some stuff out...or put it in a pile to give to someone that will use it and not just push it back in a drawer and forget all about it.  Every crafty item needs to be wanted and appriciated...not I have been doing to so many of my things for far too long.

I will share some cards I made before I got the idea about my craftroom...these are simple, simple cards.  Another one I pinned from Pinterest. They did give my very neglected embossing olders some attention. I think I need to make a few more of these to have on hand for birthdays, thinking of you or just a plain hello card. 

As I mentioned above about having that last slice of pie.  What is your favorite?  Mine is Pecan...nothing even compares...well...maybe a close 2nd is Peanut Butter Pie but we haven't had that for Thanskgiving yet....

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Sooo glad it’s Friday! That means no 5 a.m. alarm clock going off for the next two mornings. My day didn’t start off all that great…had to call our mail order prescription company about a prescription my doctor sent in 2 weeks ago. They weren’t going to fill because they need more information. But…what information? More details how many details does a prescription need? And what exactly are the details they need? Had already went through this a week ago…thought it was settled then after talking to them and my doctor’s office. And receiving an email telling me it was being processed…doesn’t that mean the next step would be shipping? You would think…but, sadly no. That just means (to them) that they have it…Anyway…hopefully it’s taken care of although won’t be shipped for another 10 days. Thankfully I did get a sample at the doctor’s office…

The mail did bring a smile to face today…I am in a one on one card swap this month. It’s actually an A-Z swap and each month we do a card with a theme starting with that month’s letter of the alphabet. I didn’t do last month’s but when I saw everyone post the cards they had received on our craft group on facebook I decided to do this month’s. The theme is to do a card with a bell them for the letter B. I received my first card today from my friend Jo. Soo…beautiful! Then my friend Robin from another craft group sent me a RAK. An envelope with a bag full of different ribbon’s and one of lovely cards. So, I was dancing all the way back from my mailbox…good thing I live in the country and nobody saw me…

 Since I am still working on my craft room I haven’t been able to do any paper creativity… So, I will share a of past project that  for another swap. We were to alter a tile coaster. Anything went, we could alter it to use a coaster again or we could alter it maybe display somewhere. I chose to do mine as a display. I had several things in mine first off I was just going to do it like I would a card front.

Then I decided to decoupage it. , I decided it needed something extra and so I added the flowers. I think it came out pretty good. Now, I want to do a larger tile…I picked up some 8 x 8 tiles at the dollar store recently. One of my first projects when I can get back in my craft room I think.

That’s all for tonight…thanks for visiting!