Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Sooo glad it’s Friday! That means no 5 a.m. alarm clock going off for the next two mornings. My day didn’t start off all that great…had to call our mail order prescription company about a prescription my doctor sent in 2 weeks ago. They weren’t going to fill because they need more information. But…what information? More details how many details does a prescription need? And what exactly are the details they need? Had already went through this a week ago…thought it was settled then after talking to them and my doctor’s office. And receiving an email telling me it was being processed…doesn’t that mean the next step would be shipping? You would think…but, sadly no. That just means (to them) that they have it…Anyway…hopefully it’s taken care of although won’t be shipped for another 10 days. Thankfully I did get a sample at the doctor’s office…

The mail did bring a smile to face today…I am in a one on one card swap this month. It’s actually an A-Z swap and each month we do a card with a theme starting with that month’s letter of the alphabet. I didn’t do last month’s but when I saw everyone post the cards they had received on our craft group on facebook I decided to do this month’s. The theme is to do a card with a bell them for the letter B. I received my first card today from my friend Jo. Soo…beautiful! Then my friend Robin from another craft group sent me a RAK. An envelope with a bag full of different ribbon’s and one of lovely cards. So, I was dancing all the way back from my mailbox…good thing I live in the country and nobody saw me…

 Since I am still working on my craft room I haven’t been able to do any paper creativity… So, I will share a of past project that  for another swap. We were to alter a tile coaster. Anything went, we could alter it to use a coaster again or we could alter it maybe display somewhere. I chose to do mine as a display. I had several things in mine first off I was just going to do it like I would a card front.

Then I decided to decoupage it. , I decided it needed something extra and so I added the flowers. I think it came out pretty good. Now, I want to do a larger tile…I picked up some 8 x 8 tiles at the dollar store recently. One of my first projects when I can get back in my craft room I think.

That’s all for tonight…thanks for visiting!


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Noma said...

I just love your pretty tile!