Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Can you believe that it’s here? Are you all ready for the big day tomorrow? Are you still wrapping gifts? Or have you already started unwrapping them? We are doing both…still need to wrap some. I use to love wrapping everything but not so much anymore. Actually, I don’t mind it once I get’s just sitting down and starting it. Digging everything the tape that has been in the drawer so I would be able to find it. Then when I go to get it, it’s not there! And I only I have myself to I look through all my craft drawers for another roll…there is always another roll or two in there. No, nothing there so I’m bring a box out of my craft room to use to put a gift into. Sit the box down on the coffee table and spot my tape..didn’t I just look there? Guess not! So, I sit down on the floor to wrap..I loose the tape..didn’t move anything but my arms and hands…and leave it to me to loose something. I do the same thing with ink pens..Oh, I also have not my dh but our little dog..only she really doesn’t want to help but she wants to play ball…keeps picking the ball up and putting it in the middle of my wrapping..sometimes I think she’s jealous..LOL oh, well…she’s so cute.

Here are the Christmas cards that I made this year..of course I also wait till last week to get those done…mailed at the end of the week, this week and some not mailed. Where did the time fly to??? Dunno…it sure got away from me this year though.

Thought I would show a few pictures of our tree..well, not the tree but some of the ornaments. I don’t do a theme..Oh, don’t get me wrong I think “themed” trees are beautiful. I have always wanted to do one…but just don’t have room but for the one tree and I have too many ornaments that we have collected over the years. We also always add one each year. From the first two that Dh’s aunt bought us for our 1st Christmas together 24 years ago (he was still in the Navy for the actual first one floating around in the Indian Ocean somewhere). One ws a Krackle bar and the other is a Mr Goodbar. Aren’t they cute? Some my Granny made me probably when she was in her 80’s and those I had before we were married. Some my Mom bought me others she also made. One year she bought me a set of ornaments tof snowmen…one for each month of the year. So there is a snowman with bunny ears, one with swimming gear on, another for Halloween. One for mothers day wearing pearls which reminds of my Mom since her name was Pearl. I have a collection of Campbells soup ornaments . Others friends gave or sent to me..from all parts of the world. And then there is probably one of my favorites..I found it years ago when “sock monkeys” weren’t in. My Granny made me a sock monkey when I was a baby ..I think Mom said I wore more than one out. He’s just the cutest..






I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!!! Thanks for coming and see ya again soon!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Year Ago

This time last year we were into our 3rd day of the ice storm, 3rd day of no power, 3rd day of keeping warm in the day time with a kerosene heater and each other at night…brrr….but we survived better than some. At least we had water, the heaters and our camping stove etc to use. Yea, we “ruffed” it for a few days but it could have been worse. We did get our power back after the 5th day where some were without for weeks. And it also made us appreciate it more when it did come back on. When I came home from work that 5th day and heard the heat on before I got the front door open it was the best sound in the world! And oh, did that warm shower feel good later that evening! I also didn’t even mind doing the wash that night. I guess the worse part of the storm for us was the damage to all of our beautiful trees




We had freezing rain the other day..a year to the day. It was suppose to be snow but no it was ice on my car windows, ice on the deck..but the roads were okay. Next week another winter system is coming our way..geez..and it's not even winter offically yet! SPRING......

Otherwise, I did get to work a couple of days this week. More lay offs there, cut in pay for others not good at all.

Now, I still need to do my Christmas cards..get them out by monday is my goal. Got my one swap mailed, ready to mail the other 2 and then I will be done with swaps till next month. Will being doing something different other than a card for January on
Not sure what yet though! Will keep you posted.

If you have the time check our little group out on Ning too..there are is a forum, chat, challenges etc...

Time for me to finish up those Christmas cards and get ready to go to the post office later. Until next time take care, stay warm and remember to take time for yourself a few minutes each day.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Merry December!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did although we spent two days on the road it was worth it to see our families. The food was great at both houses and I brought home some leftovers from my sisters so I was able to enjoy it the next day. Yummy…her turkey was soooo good this year…

While in the one town where my Dh’s brother lives I stopped at the LSS and browses for a bit..Picked up some gorgeous deep blue paper..and this new knife…

as you can see you fit it over your far I love it! I used it today on several things and it worked great. I have to give credit to my Dh for finding it for me though. I had already looked over it…Okay…I’ll take back what I was thinking when he went in with me…LOL

Since I did allot of housework yesterday I got busy with some Christmas crafts today..I have a 12 days of Christmas swap do this week. We were given a partner to get to know through e-mails for 4 months and then buy 6 small things, some chocolate and some socks..I have everything bought almost except for the chocolate. I figured she has a better chance of getting it if I leave in the store for as long as I can. Then we need to make 6 things…of course I put it off. I had so many ideas of what to make just couldn’t make up my mind. I can’t show them here yet..cause she might be peaking..but I will take pictures and show them after we each day the 12 days before Christmas. I hope she likes everything I send her. I always enjoying doing these swaps and buying for other people. I’m in a couple of other swaps too…and I’ll post more about them once we send out our gifts. They are also secrets…I am not good at keep secrets like this…so it’s been hard on me. If you tell me something and tell me not to tell anyone I will do it but when it’s for fun and gifts are involved then I want to sing like a canary…

It’s going to be a busy month and I hope I can get on here more than I did last month but if I don’t then please take some time to enjoy the season and don’t let it get you all stressed out. In the end as every year it will all work out. Sooo…have a Merry December! Thanks for coming!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. But, I am looking forward to sitting down with dinner with my family. We’ll be traveling the 70 miles or so to my sisters house. There will be 6 kids and 10 adults so 16 total. A nice little crowd. Then on Saturday we’ll be traveling again this time about 50 miles to my dh’s brothers house. Not sure how many will be there but if everyone comes there should be around the same amount. There we’re not having the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I think the meat is suppose to be smoked brisket (that may have changed) and not sure about anything else but the potato salad that I am taking. Doesn’t really matter, all that matters is being with those we love.

I only made one card this year for Thanksgiving. It got here before I knew it! And I hope to get in some time this weekend to start my Christmas crafts. Something I should have started already of course. I want to make a few small gifts for friends and I need to get those made so I can get them in the mail soon. But, anyway here is the card I made!


I got the stamped image in a swap last year so I don’t know what it is. The paper is from Hobby Lobby, cardstock is DCWV and Bazzill.

Lets not forget to give thanks and remember our TROOPS along with their family and friends that give up so much for us.

American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday,
to God we give our thanks.
Thanks for founding fathers;
gave us our right to speak.
Thanks for all the blessings;
free travel and assembly.
Thanks to God for America;
free religious liberty.
Thanks for all our families;
of friendship, blood or faith.
Thanks for food that’s plentiful;
we hunger not, nor thirst.
Then again to God our thanks;
Christ’s death washed our sin.

by Roger W Hancock

Again I want to wish everyone a Happy (and yummy) Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Can ya smell it??? Autumn that is! Normally when I talk about this season I refer to it as “fall” but somehow when you are talking about how beautiful it is or how wonderful it smells “Autumn” seems like a better name for it. Don’t you just love the smell of “Autumn”? Can’t describe it…maybe a bit sweet?…spicy?…not really sure. Just know that it’s one of those “smells” (like lilacs in the Spring) that no matter how they try they just can’t reproduce the real thing.

Still can’t believe its November, maybe oh, I don’t know August? September? But November??? We’re still having “Indian Summer” here and I am loving every moment of it…I think we’re suppose to even have a thunderstorm in the next day or two. The rain will be nice to settle all the dust on my country roads…

Halloween is over, the election (almost!), next will be Veteran’s Day next Tuesday so don’t forget to thank a Veteran and keep the men, women and their families that are serving in the military now in your thoughts and prayers..then next will be Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays..oh, I love turkey and dressing…yum, yum…My fil was not only a Veteran of 20 years in the Navy serving during the Korean and Vietnam wars he was also born on Thanksgiving. This year Thanksgiving is on November 27th and his birthday. He’s passed away now but we can’t have either day in our house without thinking of him a little more. He was a wonderful man and I am thankful for having known him and also for having married one of his wonderful (the best) 5 sons.

Oh! Speaking of Halloween and my dh....well, I mentioned that he loves to scare the neighbor boy on Halloween??? But, had been so busy and not feeling good and didn’t know if he would be able to come with anything to scare him? Well, he just didn’t think of anything nor have the time. But! Since he had been warning him for over a month that he should be prepared to be scared so, when he came to the door with is little brother and parents he was sort held back…not knowing what to expect. His Mom said he was waiting for dh to jump out from behind or under something and that he didn’t eat very much supper because his stomach was in knots not knowing what to expect…it couldn’t of been better. Then when he was leaving we kept asking him if he was going straight home? What time was he going to be home then? Of course by now his Mom was warning us that we were going to have him for the night if he didn’t sleep…It couldn’t have worked out better.

Thanks for coming and I am going to leave you with some “Autumn” color.




Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Living in the country we don’t really get trick or treaters. Except for our neighbors 2 boys and sometimes another neighbors grandkids but I don’t think we’ll see them this year as they are probably getting too old for it. But, we will have our neighbors 2 little boys…My Dh enjoys scaring the oldest who is 8 now. I remind him that one day he will get even. This year I don’t know what he’ll do as he’s been busy with some home improvements and also fighting a terrible cold. He may just not have it him…but, he’s been telling him that he better watch maybe that will be the “trick” part…nothing. But, I’m sure he will come with something before the day is over.

We’re having “Indian Summer” here and just some wonderful sunny days…that’s after it was down in the 20’s earlier this week though…It’s so colorful around here now and I need to get my camera out and capture some of that color on my camera before it’s too late. Not wanting to think about all the leaves gone from the trees and the drab days of winter sitting in. But, then it’s also that much closer to spring!!!

Since it’s Halloween I saved these photos to share of “spiders” I took a few weeks back.Call me crazy but spiders don’t scare me..well, as long as they are outside and not inside the house. Outside they fascinate me…their webs intrigue me, I stand in awe. I can’t imagine how they do it. Over and over again too. So, I leave you with some spiders in their webs…Hope they don't scare you away....










Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Already???

It always seems like it’s Monday..and the start of a new week. The weekend seems to fly by and I am left with trying to catch up on things in the house on Monday. Since, I’m not working at the moment I can push things off to then. But, then on Monday I ask myself why did I do it???

We had a nice weekend here although it did seem shorter than normal. Dh had to work Friday night and didn’t get home till around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. And I stayed up till he got home..just got to watching TV and writing on here..catching up with other computer stuff. I was up early but J slept in (he also had been called out to work Thursday night or was it Friday morning? ) till about noon..of course he still didn’t get his 8 hrs of sleep. He never does…he normally gets about 5-6 a night. We did some shopping and then came home to his brother J waiting on us. He had let his son off at a cousins house while so they could deer hunt. It was youth hunting weekend or something…J had been out the day before and most of the day and needed a rest. So, he took refuge here for a couple of hours. DH grilled some fish and I made red beans and rice for supper..By then it was time to go pick his son up.

Sunday, it was my turn to sleep in…I think the last few days had finally caught up with me. After I got up I made breakfast (brunch?) and then we headed off to Lowe’s and Wal -Mart. Mostly just looked around at some house projects we are debating doing. Then we came home and made Cajun Etoufee…never had it before I don’t think..But, we had picked up a mix the weekend before and decided to make it. It was good and we will have it again..I went online this morning to find some recipes so maybe one day I will try making it from scratch.

The weather was just beautiful again all weekend..I’m getting very spoiled with all the wonderful weather and don’t look forward to the colder temps coming and staying. The Lowe’s and Wal Mart we went to is by a lake so we drove down close to it..aww…it was just beautiful. We need to make a picnic soon and spend some time there..or maybe pack up the trailer and go camping one more time before it’s too late.

Last week I did a swap on and made this card to send along with it.The paper is DCWV and the cardstock is Paper Studio .I had the flip flips from a grab bag of ribbon I picked up at Wal Mart. I think it was meant to be an iron on but I have been saving it for a card although it was hard to let go of that cute little pair of flip flops. Made a matching envelope to match. Hope she liked it!



I think we’ll grill some pork chops on the grill tonight and scalloped potatoes sounds good to go with them and something else. So I guess I will go put them together and see what else that something else might be.

Again thanks for coming! Have a great week!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Party and Card

My last day at work last week was also that of my friend BT. She was leaving to go to another job. So, we had to have another party…cake, gifts, and a card…

Oh, my goodness was this cake ever beautiful and also yummy inside again. Another lady at work made this for her..she makes the most wonderful cakes. So, gorgeous and the colors she puts together are just too beautiful. This one had an Victorian look to it. The white was actually more of an antique white than it shows in the photo. Plus, underneath all of that were two layers of chocolate frosting…a light and dark..then she had white chocolate pieces thrown all over…oh, and the cake was also chocolate..a chocolate lovers dream...she really outdid herself…oh, was it ever so good…



Then I made a card to go with the gift that I was elected to shop for…she is also my scrapbook/cardmaking friend so I was happy to shop for her. I couldn’t find a gift bag that I liked (or wanted to give the price of) so I bought an 88 cent pink bag and decorated it to look like the card. I used my Walk in My Garden Cricut cartridge on both. Card stock was DCWV and the pearls were some I took off lace trim that I had in my stash.



Of course this week I had a cake withdrawal…and my clothes don’t fit so good either so maybe it’s a good thing there were no more parties and cakes this week. But, then some of that may be because this is October and Halloween is in two weeks and it's hard to resist the candy aisle...

Well, I thought I would get an early start of this today...It's still a little cool out for me this a.m. but the sun is shining about as bright as it can with the clear blue skies...Thank you God for sending us such a beautiful day.

Now, it's time to go get ready and do some grocery shopping. One of the stores is having it's 12 hour maga sale and there are some things on there I want this time. Otherwise, I try to stay away from grocery stores on the weekend. But, with these sales they always have extra help so it goes about as fast as a regular Saturday when they only have 1 or 2 cashiers..Thanks for coming!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Baaack....

Where did the time go? I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks since I took the time to sit down and write here…It’s been one of those times when I could of used a “double” of myself…That might be a scary thought to some…I did get to work for 8 days and that was boss wanted to keep me but her boss said they couldn’t afford that leaves that office with only one other gal other than my boss…She now has to do it all…what at one time took 4 full time. Granted they have laid off about 70 or so people since then but still yet there is over 170 people left...I was replaced my an automated phone system. Or that was the plan anyway…When I left last Friday it was still in the works…Not my problem anymore. Actually, it just wasn’t the same as it once was. Several friends are gone, everyone is in a down mood all the time. Either because they don’t know when the ax will fall on them or that they are now doing their work and that of at least one or two others. So, I was happy in one way to be leaving and sad in another…Who knows I may be going back yet.

Anyway! While I was there my friends BT & BH celebrated National Squirrel Awareness week with our friend R. I bet you didn’t know there was such a week? And you are also asking why we celebrate this week? It all started a few years ago when R had some problems with squirrels in her drain pipes.. You know the kind that cost you some money to get fixed. So, being the good friends that we are we had to harass R about it…we would leave pictures of squirrels posted on her office door, changed her computer wallpaper to one with a squirrel, put a stuffed squirrel in a piece of PVC pipe and give to her as gift, send e-mails etc…And each year we would celebrate this week at least one day with such things…so, this year (isn’t it weird that this was the week I was working there too?) we decided that we would kick it up a notch with a party in the lunch room. So, I made a card and some little paper acorns (that was spread in her office (by BH) from her desk to a filing cabinet to her computer etc) and BT had her Mom make a cake like the one she does at Christmas every year shaped like a log..who knew that it could be so much fun and tasty too. I had been taking my breaks with R since I had came back so she thought nothing of it when she walked in to the lunch room . Although she was a bit surprised when she saw the cake and card…Of course you know when there is chocolate involved that there will be more come to the party that planned…so what turned into a party of 3 was more like a dozen. She took it all in good spirits and couldn’t believe we would go to so much trouble. Trouble? Never! It was fun…and besides what are friends for? And we plan to do it again next year no matter where we all might be…

Here is the picture of the cake…talk about YUMMY! A chocolate lovers dream. Followed by pictures of the card. I used my Cricut cartridge Stretch your Imagination for it. Card stock is Bazzill and paper is by Provo Craft.




I have more to post but I will save it for another day..hopefully it won't be another 2 weeks plus before I do that.

I hope everyone is enjoying some beautiful fall weather. We dipped down into the 30's this morning which is way too cold for me..not sure if we also didn't have our first frost..but not the killing kind at least. Leaves are changing and it's just a wonderful time of the year weather wise...I hope also that everyone can get out and enjoy it this weekend. I plan to grab my camera, DH and enjoy it a bit myself.

Thanks again for coming!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good News!

Good news this week! Got a call yesterday from my friend B and former co-worker asking me if I would be interested in working this week? I of course said a quick yes! Since, I have been putting off getting serious about looking for a job. It’s not that I don’t want to work I do. But, I just hate having to “sell myself” so to speak. To walk in, and hand someone my resume. Never knowing if it was handed to the right hands, ever looked at or just hit the trash can before I drove out of the parking lot. And if it was looked at then what did they think? Did they think I was serious about handing them my resume and working there? Anyway, I was thrilled when B asked if I would be able to work for a few days. Only to find out that she will be leaving there after next week for another job. I am happy for her because this is something she has wanted. We all need a change in our lives no matter what it miht be. Maybe it’s just something as simple as having mustard on your hamburger instead of mayo. Maybe it’s a different hair color or style (by the way B is the QUEEN of the changing hair styles and they all look good on her), or maybe it’s something bigger like a new job or a new house.

This leads me to this. We have been looking to move for awhile now. Some houses we know aren’t for us by the price of course, some their location, some we have had to go out and drive by, and others we have had taken the plunge and made a appointment to look inside. Some homes have been vacant others still have owners living in them. Some owners will burn candles so it smells so good you never want to leave, some clean from top to bottom, others can’t even be bothered to sweep the kitchen floor while others are somewhere in the middle. One we looked at not only had a wasp nest at the front door but a snake skin…yep you read that right. To be fair they probably used the back door and rarely used the front but still a snake skin??? I could say more but we’ll leave it at that..we were more interested in the 10 acres that came with it than the house or we wouldn’t of bothered…I would much rather look at a house where the owners have already found a new home…then I don’t feel like I am intruding. Where I can look in the closet, drawers etc without my sweet dh asking me what I am doing? He too feels like he is intruding. And of course he is more interested to see if there is cracks in the wall, the brick work outside etc…While I am looking around wondering if our king sized bed will fit in the bedroom along with the rest of the furniture. Or what color I would paint over that hideous color they have it painted now…Luckily he understands all the ins and outs of the legal stuff and I think he could have a 2nd career as a real estate agent. Stay tuned more to come on the house hunting!

Back to me working again…it was much more exciting yesterday when B called me into work than it was having to get dressed up and go in at 7 a.m. this morning after having 6 months to the day off…The first day is always the hardest. Will be working all next week as well and then we’ll see…At the moment I will take what I can get…and at the moment that is saying a whole lot for this place of employment that has laid off for 6 months from me as just a wee temp to people that have been there for over 30 years…Yep…I’ll take what I can get and be thankful..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Copy and Paste

That’s what our weather has been this week..just like the weatherman said it would be. Copy one day and paste it to the next…With temps in the mid 80’s, sunny skies with some clouds here and there…you know those big white fluffy kind…just doesn’t get any better than this…Can’t believe it’s fall though…love fall…would love it more if winter didn’t come right afterwards..but, that’s hopefully 3 months away so I won’t start complaining just yet…then comes spring!!!

Where did this week go...I saw something on TV where this was National Stay at Home Week...or something like that..Seems like we have been gone almost every night this week for one reason or another. So, I think we need a week called something else so maybe we can spend it at home. Still wanting to go camping one more time before it's too late..Hopefully, we'll get the chance.

Been out taking some pictures this week. Thought I would share one I took this afternoon of a grasshopper. I"ll save the spider for another day...

And something a little prettier...

and something I did last week with my Cricut cartridge "Walk In My Garden"


Thanks for coming, it's time for me to catch up with "Grey's Anatomy"...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Okay! I'm a blogger!

Not sure how I feel about being a blogger...Still kind of all new to me..Although I am a major "blog lerker"...and maybe with a few I might be close to a stalker! Mostly, those that have paper crafts and mainly cards...I am just in awe...of so much talent that is out there. So, as I learn my way around here I wll be adding links to the blogs that I do stalk uh..lerk at..

As it says in my heading this is a place for my crafts, photos ( by no means am I a professional but I do love to take photos!), my ramblings...about whatever is on my mind at the moment..and whatever else I might want to add. Hopefully, I won't bore anyone...and if you find me boring then the next time you can't get to sleep then just come by and visit...

I'm glad you found me and I hope that you come back...