Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Where Oh Where Are You?

Is it Spring where you are yet?  It's trying to be here but hasn't quite made it...last weekend was cold, rainy, snowy, gloomy....only a dusting of snow...probably more bu,t it only stuck to the grass and didn't stay's been trying to warm up since..finally made it into the 60's today which is our normal...but, also normal is the wind...stay changes daily.

Since my last post I have had  a terrible cold and sinus infection...including a cough...that took a good 2 weeks to get rid of...mostly...and it's been sinus, allergies and an ear infection since.  So, I got a bit behind on some things...had to catch up with the house just day to day things..then my hubby had to work 3 -12 hr night shifts this those always put me behind on the cleaning...but, hopefully those are over for this week...Friday is a holiday so that means a 3 day weekend...3 days of no alarm clock!  But, it did give me some extra hours to get crafty....So, I will share a couple of cards I made this week first.

My first card is for a challenge which was to use embossing folders...which I seem to collect but not use much this was a great challenge for me to put some of them to work...This is the dotted Swiss folder which was probably one of my first and still probably one of my favorites...I had pinned this card on Pinterest and  really wanted to make it.  So I decided to take it a step further with the embossing.  I substituted a heart for the butterfly since it's Spring I thought it would be perfect.  I also love butterflies so this gave an excuse to use one on a card.

You will find the link to the original post  here.

Now the 2nd one is for a challenge which was to use pastel colors...we were also to use watercolors or the effect of to make you think of Easter an extra challenge...not required...I tried to use the's been awhile since I used mine so I thought this would give me an excuse to do that...I just wasn't doing it for me..of course some of that may have been because I was trying to do it at 1:30 in the morning!  So, I scrapped that idea and went to bed...and did this card the next day.  Since I had done the 1st card using an embossing folder I decided to do that with this one also with the 1st card I got this idea from a card I had pinned...altho the pinned card had been done with different printed papers I decided to use solids on mine so I could get in all the, the embossing folder gave it some texture. I want to use this LO for another card using printed papers from my endless supply of scraps. 

You will find the original post here.

I have to share one of my crafty helpers...One my sweet boys TK (aka Thunder Kitty) taking a nap. Most of the time he's more into it than this but he found a nice (although I would think very uncomfortable) quiet place to help.  He's such a sweetie! 

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Hugs and Smiles!!!