Monday, May 6, 2013

Snow In May? And a Mother's Day Card

I think we are finally going to have Spring...but...I'm not sure...we actually had snow last week!  Although it really wasn't much and with the rain we had also it didn't stick...but...there were little patches of snow here and there the next morning...which means it was cold! Earlier in the week it was 80's near 90...and then in the lower 40's...brrrr....after a rainy Saturday and cloudy Sunday we have sunshine this Monday afternoon and we are in the mid 60's....which is still rather cool for is suppose to be warmer tomorrow and the rest of the week.  So, something to look forward to....

A few weeks ago I did a challenge which was to make a Mother's Day card...rather early but, I thought it was a great idea so I could get a card made for my Mother-N-Law and not being doing it at the last minute...especially so since I have to mail it !

 I have to admit this is probably one of my favorite cards I have made...I love eyelet, I love dotted swiss, I love differant shades of purple, and of course flowers and pearls...I don't normally make "square" cards mostly because it's hard to find envelopes to mail them in unless you buy them pre-packaged...this one I had to "borrow" from one of those pre-packaged ones that happen to have a "frame" in the middle of it so it wouldn't work...I found the insperation for this card off from Pinterest which led me to this blog here .  It's in my plans to make some birthday cards in differant colors...sometime in the near future!

My next card  is one I did for a the ABC card swap...this is for the letter "E" we were to emboss on our could be either I did both...we did these back a few months so I must have been wanting some sunny days as this card is quite bright!  

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Hugs and Smiles