Friday, November 23, 2012

A Craft Room Tease....

It's the day after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful day spent with family and friends. I know my hubby and I had a nice day. Went to my sister's where there was plenty of awesome, yummy, wonderful food to stuff ourselves with then complain all the way on the drive home
Today, no shopping for me...I did pay for a stamp set I got on eBay but that is about as far as my shopping went. I spent the day cooking breakfast, cleaning up, deciding to make a pot of chili and homemade bread for supper...although it ended up being lunch with cornbread. Then, cleaning again...I think it will be chili for supper too...Yesterday was mid 70's and I think it had to struggle to get to 50 today. A good day to do some cooking since I didn't have to yesterday and a pot of chili sounded perfect for the cooler weather. I also made Frosted Peanut Butter Bars for dessert....Yummy...
I still don’t have my craft room like I want it but it is getting there….I thought I would just give a little teaser today…and show you one wall…I will also show you the before look. Not quite the whole wall as in the now photo but…maybe I will show all the before photos before I show all the after photos’ If I ever get there!

This is the same wall...which use to be a whole wall of cubes and shelves. The cubes are on the opposite wall the shelves are now on the floor where the tables were.  I will show another wall next time I post.

Hope everyone is enjoying a long blessed weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone in America a Happy Thanksgiving...I am a day early but better than a day late...I figure by this time tomorrow we will all be moaning and complaining because we had too much to eat...but, tell ourselves...just a piece of pie for the road or before we put it away. 

It's been super nice weather here for November!  In the mid 70's again....It could stay like this for quite awhile...but, it won't...cooler days are in the forecast I think.  I think a chance of rain this evening but I don't think it's a huge chance...again....

Not allot to share...I am still busy trying to re-arange my craft room...I think I have all of that's just putting it back together. I am trying to throw some stuff out...or put it in a pile to give to someone that will use it and not just push it back in a drawer and forget all about it.  Every crafty item needs to be wanted and appriciated...not I have been doing to so many of my things for far too long.

I will share some cards I made before I got the idea about my craftroom...these are simple, simple cards.  Another one I pinned from Pinterest. They did give my very neglected embossing olders some attention. I think I need to make a few more of these to have on hand for birthdays, thinking of you or just a plain hello card. 

As I mentioned above about having that last slice of pie.  What is your favorite?  Mine is Pecan...nothing even compares...well...maybe a close 2nd is Peanut Butter Pie but we haven't had that for Thanskgiving yet....

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Sooo glad it’s Friday! That means no 5 a.m. alarm clock going off for the next two mornings. My day didn’t start off all that great…had to call our mail order prescription company about a prescription my doctor sent in 2 weeks ago. They weren’t going to fill because they need more information. But…what information? More details how many details does a prescription need? And what exactly are the details they need? Had already went through this a week ago…thought it was settled then after talking to them and my doctor’s office. And receiving an email telling me it was being processed…doesn’t that mean the next step would be shipping? You would think…but, sadly no. That just means (to them) that they have it…Anyway…hopefully it’s taken care of although won’t be shipped for another 10 days. Thankfully I did get a sample at the doctor’s office…

The mail did bring a smile to face today…I am in a one on one card swap this month. It’s actually an A-Z swap and each month we do a card with a theme starting with that month’s letter of the alphabet. I didn’t do last month’s but when I saw everyone post the cards they had received on our craft group on facebook I decided to do this month’s. The theme is to do a card with a bell them for the letter B. I received my first card today from my friend Jo. Soo…beautiful! Then my friend Robin from another craft group sent me a RAK. An envelope with a bag full of different ribbon’s and one of lovely cards. So, I was dancing all the way back from my mailbox…good thing I live in the country and nobody saw me…

 Since I am still working on my craft room I haven’t been able to do any paper creativity… So, I will share a of past project that  for another swap. We were to alter a tile coaster. Anything went, we could alter it to use a coaster again or we could alter it maybe display somewhere. I chose to do mine as a display. I had several things in mine first off I was just going to do it like I would a card front.

Then I decided to decoupage it. , I decided it needed something extra and so I added the flowers. I think it came out pretty good. Now, I want to do a larger tile…I picked up some 8 x 8 tiles at the dollar store recently. One of my first projects when I can get back in my craft room I think.

That’s all for tonight…thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Finds

I ended my last post with a couple of flea market finds…I thought I would share some more of my wonderful probably don’t need but couldn’t pass up such a great buy and will find a place or use for them someday…or because they just made me happy!

I am always looking for containers to use in my craft room. Mainly glass ones, mostly with lids but not always. Here are some of the latest I bought…I figured if I couldn’t use them in my craft room then I could always put some nice candy or even crafty goodness in them for a gift.

I also found this clear plastic container of buttons!

I love buttons and it always makes me happy to receive buttons as a gift in a swap or a RAK…or when I come across some at a flea market, 2nd hand store or junk store…and if they are old then I am double happy! I saw these and really just wanted them for the large buttons. I was surprised when I brought them home and dumped the container out on my table to also find an old pocket watch and the old wood thread spool. Not, to mention all of the other little things thrown in.

I have been busy the last couple of days trying to get my craftroom re-arranged and organized.  I probably should have waited till after the Holidays but since I don't plan on having anything at my house I don't suppose it matters.  I do have several things I want to make for gifts so maybe this will get me more in the mood to do so.  Since I am doing this now I can hopefully start off the new year with a more organized and not so cramped room.  I still have lots to do and I am hoping to talk my wonderful hubby into putting me shelf in the closet.  I will post pictures when it's further along...
Before I leave I will share a card I made for the annual Squirrel Awareness Week last month for my friend Rita…You can read more about it at my past post here

I bought this stamp set just for this purpose but it is also just a great fall stamp set.  Here  is the outside of the card  using a stamp and sentiment from the same set:

I also did the inside of it with a another stamp from the same set sentiment is done on the computer.  I did the coloring with copic markers which I am still learning to use but loving it. 

That's all for now...need to get back into the craftroom before it's time to finish up supper..I have some beef cooking on top of the stove to add some noodles to later...Smells wonderful!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunshined Filled Monday

Just another Monday...It was rather a gloomy looking Sunday here but we had some much needed rain  so no complaints. It was  rather a lazy weekend here in the woods which is always nice.  Today the sun is out although cooler than I like it...we woke up to 27 degrees this morning and it's still only 35 at is suppose to climb into the low 50's today.  With it being a little warmer each day and lots of sun...hopefully we won't also have the wind that we had last week! 

Sharing some cards I made recently. The first one was for a challenge on one of my Facebook Craft groups. The challenge was to make a round card. For some reason one I had never done before. I also used one of the many, many, many cards I have pinned on Pinterest for inspiration. Something I keep promising myself to do…I spend way too much time pinning and not doing.

The next card was also for a challenge on the same group. Our challenge was to use traditional Christmas colors of red, green and white. But, we could not do a Christmas theme card. My friend Ema on another Facebook Craft Group had posted a video : Scoring Border which I decided to give a try.  So glad I did because it was not only easy it also adds something to a simple card. I will be using this technique again very soon.

A few weeks ago my hubby and I were out and about one Saturday about a hour away.  We decided to stop off at a flea market on our way out of town.  I just fell in love with this pitcher and glass set.  Not that I need it...but, it just made me happy. 

I also found a birdhouse that I want for something I pinned for the yard...hopefully by spring I will have the majority of things I need for it to all come together.

That's it for, I am off to my craftroom...working on rearranging it!  UGH! needs to be done...:)