Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Already???

It always seems like it’s Monday..and the start of a new week. The weekend seems to fly by and I am left with trying to catch up on things in the house on Monday. Since, I’m not working at the moment I can push things off to then. But, then on Monday I ask myself why did I do it???

We had a nice weekend here although it did seem shorter than normal. Dh had to work Friday night and didn’t get home till around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. And I stayed up till he got home..just got to watching TV and writing on here..catching up with other computer stuff. I was up early but J slept in (he also had been called out to work Thursday night or was it Friday morning? ) till about noon..of course he still didn’t get his 8 hrs of sleep. He never does…he normally gets about 5-6 a night. We did some shopping and then came home to his brother J waiting on us. He had let his son off at a cousins house while so they could deer hunt. It was youth hunting weekend or something…J had been out the day before and most of the day and needed a rest. So, he took refuge here for a couple of hours. DH grilled some fish and I made red beans and rice for supper..By then it was time to go pick his son up.

Sunday, it was my turn to sleep in…I think the last few days had finally caught up with me. After I got up I made breakfast (brunch?) and then we headed off to Lowe’s and Wal -Mart. Mostly just looked around at some house projects we are debating doing. Then we came home and made Cajun Etoufee…never had it before I don’t think..But, we had picked up a mix the weekend before and decided to make it. It was good and we will have it again..I went online this morning to find some recipes so maybe one day I will try making it from scratch.

The weather was just beautiful again all weekend..I’m getting very spoiled with all the wonderful weather and don’t look forward to the colder temps coming and staying. The Lowe’s and Wal Mart we went to is by a lake so we drove down close to it..aww…it was just beautiful. We need to make a picnic soon and spend some time there..or maybe pack up the trailer and go camping one more time before it’s too late.

Last week I did a swap on and made this card to send along with it.The paper is DCWV and the cardstock is Paper Studio .I had the flip flips from a grab bag of ribbon I picked up at Wal Mart. I think it was meant to be an iron on but I have been saving it for a card although it was hard to let go of that cute little pair of flip flops. Made a matching envelope to match. Hope she liked it!



I think we’ll grill some pork chops on the grill tonight and scalloped potatoes sounds good to go with them and something else. So I guess I will go put them together and see what else that something else might be.

Again thanks for coming! Have a great week!


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Jo said...

super-cute card. Love those flip-flops. Makes me wish for summer all over again. Have a feeling its going to be a long cold winter.