Friday, December 12, 2008

A Year Ago

This time last year we were into our 3rd day of the ice storm, 3rd day of no power, 3rd day of keeping warm in the day time with a kerosene heater and each other at night…brrr….but we survived better than some. At least we had water, the heaters and our camping stove etc to use. Yea, we “ruffed” it for a few days but it could have been worse. We did get our power back after the 5th day where some were without for weeks. And it also made us appreciate it more when it did come back on. When I came home from work that 5th day and heard the heat on before I got the front door open it was the best sound in the world! And oh, did that warm shower feel good later that evening! I also didn’t even mind doing the wash that night. I guess the worse part of the storm for us was the damage to all of our beautiful trees




We had freezing rain the other day..a year to the day. It was suppose to be snow but no it was ice on my car windows, ice on the deck..but the roads were okay. Next week another winter system is coming our way..geez..and it's not even winter offically yet! SPRING......

Otherwise, I did get to work a couple of days this week. More lay offs there, cut in pay for others not good at all.

Now, I still need to do my Christmas cards..get them out by monday is my goal. Got my one swap mailed, ready to mail the other 2 and then I will be done with swaps till next month. Will being doing something different other than a card for January on
Not sure what yet though! Will keep you posted.

If you have the time check our little group out on Ning too..there are is a forum, chat, challenges etc...

Time for me to finish up those Christmas cards and get ready to go to the post office later. Until next time take care, stay warm and remember to take time for yourself a few minutes each day.


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