Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hope it's a loved filled day for you and your loved ones....when I think of Valentine's day several memories pop up in my head...those paper sacks (usually white ones) that we decorated back in grade school....hanging them off our desk and then everyone would go around putting those oh so cute cards inside...another memory is when I worked on an assembly line where the room was mostly rows of tables where we did our work....way back over 30 yrs was mostly the end of the day I think there were more flowers in that room than at the florist. Another year my sweet hubby was somewhere on a Navy ship on some ocean in the world.  Not for sure if he was my hubby just yet....but I remember the roses he sent me in the mail!  They were the prettiest pink!  What a surprise that was as it was something new to this country girl...another year we were going to go out to eat but had to wait for the florists to deliver my flowers....and wait...and wait...and time being told they were on their way...another that they were sending out a new bouquet....when finally the 1st one showed up....we must have been on the route back to the shop. Another year when we were eating the woman behind us was constantly on her cell phone....neglecting the man she was wonder we now just stay home...make a special (but easy) meal and just relax for the evening.  Some years my hubby surprises me with something some years he doesn't....that's okay...he shows me he loves me everyday...and that's what counts.

I waited to the last minute to make my Valentine cards this year...I was making them just this past Monday to get in the mail on Tuesday.  I mostly just want to make them for my 5  great/grand nieces and 1 nephew.  So, since I had to do something fast it needed to be simple.  I remembered on one of my facebook group there was a challenge to do a card we had pinned from Pinterest.  So, I went through all those pinned cards (luckily I have one just for Valentine's) and came up with this one.  I did the blue one for my nephew...not so sure I would call it a "boy" card but it had to do.  I did put together 13 cards I think (sent some to other relatives and friends) in the end...Simple....but I like how they came out...I think a butterfly on this would be cute too instead of the hearts....

I wanted to do another challenge from group...we were to use hearts and this card sketch from:  so.... I whipped this one this morning....using Echo Park for the printed papers everything else is from my scraps....I like this sketch very much so I think I will use it again...maybe with a butterfly (I love butterflies!) on this one too or just an stamped image instead of the hearts....or maybe both!

That's all I have to share today!  Again Happy Valentine's Day....hope your spending it with the one you love...

Till next time...

Hugs and Smiles


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