Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I know it’s been awhile again since I have been here..for those who come often I am sorry..I keep promising that I will do better but not keeping them at all…All I can say is I am working in it.

This trying to buy a house is till stressing me out and I don’t seem to get anything productive done. It’s one thing waiting but not knowing why your waiting just about puts you over the top. But, after a not so e-mail to the sellers realtor a couple of weeks ago we have a few more answers but still really doesn’t get us any closer to a closing date. But, we did get another name to contact and can annoy her till maybe something will be done. Our realtor is also doing the same..Sooo..guess we’ll be signing another extension this week..uh..that makes 5??? Please tell me this isn’t the norm these days….

I love dogwood trees although we don’t have any here at the house..tried trans-planting some but they didn’t live. So, it will be a tree we will add when we move..they are just gorgeous this year both in yards and especially growing wild in the woods. Earlier this month we took a drive so I could find some to photograph. There was no problem finding them but the problem was finding them were we could park and take pictures. Finally found one in a state park and oh was it a gorgeous tree…so here are a couple of photo graphs


Our apple tree was loaded with blossoms this year too although we did have a freeze while they were blooming so I don’t know how many apples it will produce. But, it was beautiful while it was blooming and the bees were happy!


So I will now share a few cards I have made recently..They are Easter ones so they are late but since I didn’t share earlier thought I would now..



I love this ladies blog..she makes some of the most adorable cards! And right now she is celebrating her blog anniversary with somee “blog candy” that I would love to would be like Christmas if that would arrive at my house. This lady is also very talented with her cards and even if you don't win her give away you will be going back to see her lovely cards. If you are interested please visit her blog and see how you can have a chance to win.. Here is the link. Hurry because it ends tomorrow.

Well, the washer is calling so I better get back to the laundry…I hope everyone is enjoying a sunny, blue skies, birds singing, flowers blooming Spring kind of day!



Jo said...

Love those pics - when everything starts turning green & colorful.
mmmm- I can just smell the sweetness in the air.
Real cute cards ( as usual)
Keep up your great talent

Anonymous said...

Wow they don't get any prettier than this. I adore your spring cards.especially the little bunny in the wheelbarrow... And your photo's.... well they wow me too. You have mad talent! I'm going to have to come back everyday until I see everything you've posted. Love your blog... you should be blogging.... you are really good at it!

Pauline said...

Hi Terry

I just popped in to see your cards. I am so impressed with your colour ability. you are so great with colour and your cards are fab!!