Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's been awhile..

Since I posted on here...once again I am going to try and do better...I miss sharing my photos, crafts and most of all ramblings...allot has happened since my last post..we fially took us awhile..and we didn't get the house we were planning to buy this time last year but we got the best house for us in the end..even if it did take awhile..and oddly enough we ended up with the first house we put an offer on back in July 2008.

 We closed on January 15th..which would of been my Mom's 77th birthday if she was still I like to think that she was smiling down on us that day.  We didn't pick the perfect time to move but I don't know if there would of been such a thing after being in our old house for 25 years.  Perfect weather wouldn't have helped with all the stuff to pack and unpack.  Although I could of done without the "thaw" at the old house and the mud we had to track through to move stuff from there. Here it's wasn't so muddy maybe because I think this hill is just one big boulder with lots of smaller rocks on top with just a enough soil to grow grass on top. But, the rocks are another story for another day..
A little over a week after we spent our first night here this is what it looked like:

And now a little over 4 months it looks like this:

We have made some changes inside and out..and it's a work in progress..we decided to paint over the blue trim in white and then replace the blue window shutters with "cranberry" and painted the front door the same color. There is also a 3 car garage with the same blue on the doors and now they are a nice crisp white..made a world of differance and it also made it feel more like it belongs to us now.  It took us awhile but it finally feels like we are home. 

I'll save more about the house for another day..

I want to share a few cards with you before I leave...

The first cardcard I made for a swap back in late January when the snow was flying...our color them was bright this is what I came up with
The 2nd card was for another swap and we had to use the colors green and purple together..although this was for a swap my swap partner is also a wonderful friend whose knock name is "turt"..and I had this image I had been wanting to use for a card for her for awhile..Isn't that the cutest turtle?
This was for another friend..easy peasy using a card kit from my local scrapbook store..the "thinking of you" though was done with a cricut.  I loved the colors they used on this one...

How is the weather where you it Summer yet???  We have been above normal for almost 2 weeks and although they say we are going to have a cold spell go thru tomorrow it just means it won't be in the 90's but the upper 80's....Summer is here and I'm not complaining...although I could of done with a few more weeks of Spring it's better than the cold winter days...

I will leave you here and plan to seeing more of me...I promise..really I do..


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Jo said...

yep- I have Yurt the Turt sitting on my desk looking at me. She's a "keeper"
luv ya my good buddy