Sunday, January 15, 2012

Popping in!

Just thought I would pop in and write a few things before I go start supper...It's been ages since I last posted but I really am going to try and post more..promise...really....truely...hopefully? 

Here it is mid January...can you believe it?  We had our first snow last week..enough to cover things white but only stick to the roads on bridges an doverpasses...maybe an inch...but with our roller coaster weather it was all gone by the next day...but boy was it the moment we're up hill on that roller coaster...before we plundge again....if that's all the snow we get this winter I would be ever so happy...

At the moment I am working on some swaps for a craft group I am a member of on Facebook.  So, stay tuned and I will be posting those what can I share now?  I recently did a challenge on there where we had to make a card for our favorite of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July.  Why?  Maybe because it's in the middle of summer and warm's usually a no pressure kind of holiday....but then I also love being an American...and am so thankful that I am.  I also love red, white and blue as a color combo so this was why I chose to make my card for the the 4th of July...pretty simple...stars were made from my Circut...George cart...It's one that came with my lil cricut but I keep going back to it for basics...sentiment was done on my computer..

I will be back tomorrow....I have a couple of notebooks I made awhile back to share..and hopefully before the end of the week is over with I will have those cards to share for my swap....thanks for stopping by and please come again...until next time ...Hugs T

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