Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's That Time Of Year

When my hubby goes on his annual fishing trip with some of his co-workers...they have been doing this close to if not 20 yrs now. They are only gone a couple of days and nights and I always like to have this time to catch up on some things. I always have all these plans of things I want to do...and I couldn't possibly get them all done in 2 days! Anyway...he left on Sunday morning and here it is Tuesday afternoon and he's already home...unpacked...one load of laundry in and another one waiting....and what I did I accomplish while he was away...Not as much as I had planned...I did get some house cleaning done...my wood floors are all nice a shiny...I did get some shows I had on the DVR watched....and I did get my Valentine cards done and in the mail....and I did get a card made for a friend's Gma who is battling cancer made and in the mail....and that is about it....I didn't get my closet cleaned out....I didn't get the utility room organized like I wanted to....I didn't get my craft room mess cleaned up either...I didn't go shopping....etc...I did do a bit of catching up on a couple of my favorite blogs....and one those is Miss Clare's at: http://bearydocardsinc.blogspot.com/ She is having a simple challenge this month...to post a throwback card...which is an older card that you had made...she is giving away a box of goodies at the end of the month if you take her up on her challenge so this is what I am doing with this card. I just went into my picture file on the computer clicked on some dates and this is the first one I came up with. Clare is posting one of her throwback cards each Tuesday and commenting on what she would change now. So, I will do the same.

I made this card way back in June 2011....With Echo Park papers and embellshiments...the flower I made...was easy peasy...just hand cut circles of pink felt in differant sizes...adhired together with a some bling in the middle...But, I think if I was going to change it I would also cut some leaves to add to the flower as well as maybe adding some  lacy trim somewhere...maybe at the top and bottom where the pink strips are.  Maybe not...maybe just the leaves....What do you think?

The other card I made was for a friend I met on one of my facebook crafty groups.  I thought I would make and send her Gma a card who is battling cancer.  She likes flowers so I thought I would use some 3-D stickers I had bought awhile back because I just thought they were too pretty to pass up...the design is simple...and the sentiment I did on the computer....

I am still trying to do my challenges that I sit for myself this year...a bit behind on posting here but I plan to catch up this week.  So far, I am doing at least one card a week...some of those are from cards I have been pinning from Pinterest...still need to work on those other "pinned projects".....

Some good news to share...my friend that was going through the major health issues is doing better although she had another set back...bounced back from that ...we were able to get out and about about a week and half ago have lunch and go into a couple of stores... and she was able to return to work this week. So, am sooooo grateful for that.

That's it for today....Please if you are new here please become a follower...leave a comment so I know you were here and if you have a blog you would like me to visit then let me know...

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Clare said...

So pretty! Personally, I love your card! I don't think you really need to add anything to it, though leaves might be cute. ;)