Friday, November 23, 2012

A Craft Room Tease....

It's the day after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful day spent with family and friends. I know my hubby and I had a nice day. Went to my sister's where there was plenty of awesome, yummy, wonderful food to stuff ourselves with then complain all the way on the drive home
Today, no shopping for me...I did pay for a stamp set I got on eBay but that is about as far as my shopping went. I spent the day cooking breakfast, cleaning up, deciding to make a pot of chili and homemade bread for supper...although it ended up being lunch with cornbread. Then, cleaning again...I think it will be chili for supper too...Yesterday was mid 70's and I think it had to struggle to get to 50 today. A good day to do some cooking since I didn't have to yesterday and a pot of chili sounded perfect for the cooler weather. I also made Frosted Peanut Butter Bars for dessert....Yummy...
I still don’t have my craft room like I want it but it is getting there….I thought I would just give a little teaser today…and show you one wall…I will also show you the before look. Not quite the whole wall as in the now photo but…maybe I will show all the before photos before I show all the after photos’ If I ever get there!

This is the same wall...which use to be a whole wall of cubes and shelves. The cubes are on the opposite wall the shelves are now on the floor where the tables were.  I will show another wall next time I post.

Hope everyone is enjoying a long blessed weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog.



Jo said...

oohhhh- excited to see more.

Noma said...

Love it! Such an inviting & warm crafting space! You are blessed!

Jacque :)

Jennifer said...

Oh wow!! You made a really big change! Your room is so pretty and comfortable. Looks like such a nice place to create!

Ema M said...

What a tease you are! I know for a fact this is not the entire room! ;) lol

Shannon White said...

Fabulous Crafty Space T!! Love it! So Happy and Cheery! 8-)